Friday, April 28, 2006

    Candidates For Governor Of Oregon

    State government, like federal government, is like a large public corporation. It has a budget, it has officers, it has stakeholders. In a state, the Governor is the President/CEO, the officers are those in the legislature, and the stakeholders include the citizens of the state. The CEO must champion the corporation to greater levels of success and increase the value to the stakeholders. He must be solutions-oriented else he will drag the company into a pit that will be difficult to turn-around.

    A state Governor has the responsibilities of the CEO. He must not decrease the value of the state, must keep the residents happy, and be accountable for all that is state-owned and controlled. With this mindset I have evaluated the candidates for Governor of Oregon. Presented in alphabetical order and direct up or down vote, here are the serious runners:

    Jason A. Atkinson - Vote YES - An experienced corporate turnaround consultant, has supported the interests of the taxpayer over that of big government. Supports Farms 100%. Big supporter of independent business. Proved not to be a puppet of the ACLU nor the issues they support. Not much for the unionized public school machine - will endorse alternatives for better education. Not a puppet of the union bosses. In favor of protecting the assets of Oregon by denying them to illegal aliens. Outlook: Less government, more personal freedom.

    Jim Hill - Vote NO - Huge puppet of the unions, especially the teacher's union. Most endorsements are from unions. His solution for the pubic school failure is to pump even more money into that union machine. From his statement: "As Governor I will re-direct the Corporate Kicker to education and raise the $10 minimum corporate tax to fund schools." In favor of raising taxes to fund an increase in social handouts. Proudly supports the ACLU agenda. Outlook: More government, less personal freedom.

    Ted Kulongoski - Vote NEVER AGAIN - Known as "Do Nothing Ted" the promises he made to Oregonians never came to pass. A puppet for the unions (although even the unions don't even like him much anymore). Totally afraid to have a serious question-and-answer session with Oregon's leading conservative talk show host (although all other candidates have no problem). Voted for Jessica's law (against child predators) just this month - an attempt for some political points, yet he could have taken steps to protect children the first weeks he took office - but DID NOT. Allows Oregon assets to be used by illegal aliens - even let a Mexican flag flown over a state building in Medford. Allows illegal aliens to get Oregon drivers licenses. Took away the right for Oregonians to purchase over-the-counter cold remedies (if you bought this cold remedy over-the-counter you could go to jail). Supporter of the ACLU agenda. More qualified as (maybe) a stockroom clerk, not the corporate office. Outlook: More government, less personal freedom.

    Kevin Mannix - Vote NO - Previously serving in the Legislature as a Democrat (1988-1998) Kevin would really be better placed as a (slightly) conservative judge. Lost in 2000 when he tried to be attorney General and lost to Ted Kulongoski when he tried to become Governor. Sorry Kevin, it just wasn't meant to be. Too imbedded with Lorren Parks, sex hypnotherapist (indicating bad judgement on Mannix's part). Endorsed by the police union. Of all the main Governor wanna-be websites, Kevin's is the only one without a page for endorsements. Outlook? Unknown - could flip-flop at any time.

    Ron Saxton - Vote NO - I have to wonder why a Republican Governor candidate would be endorsed by a highly liberal newspaper like The Oregonian. Another of his endorsements, the La Grande Observer, calls Saxton a "moderate conservative" - sort of like calling a transsexual a moderate female. I also have to wonder how he could be elected to the Portland Public Schools Board as its Chairman from 1998-2000, yet do nothing there except to make it one of the prime examples of public school failure in the nation, spending an obnoxious amount of money per-student with not much to show for it. He did make the teacher's union happy, so not a total lost. Tried previously to be Governor of Oregon (2002) and came in third. Has big backing from the Indian casino tribes. Outlook? Depends on who gives him the most money.

    Peter Sorenson - Vote NO - Extreme supporter of the unionized public education machine Peter is against options for parents like school vouchers and charter schools - although they would offer parents better choices, they would not support the union machine. Anti-business, would remove incentives for business to establish themselves in Oregon and even drive existing businesses out. Would mandate even small businesses provide "free" healthcare for their employees. Thinks Oregonians are not paying enough in taxes. From his website: "We need to raise revenue in order to take care of our most vulnerable citizens, pay for health care and finance our children's educations" (in otherwords, to support the teacher's union machine - he wants us to payup!) Supporter of the ACLU agenda. Outlook: More government, less personal freedom. The #1 choice of the left-wing Eugene Weekly.

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