Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    It's Not About Immigration!

    Thousands prance around thinking they are prancing for legalization of illegal aliens in the USA. They pull out the big guns - the old guilt trip. "My sister-in-law twice removed lives here and she needs help after her boyfriend got killed in a gang fight on the streets of Los Angeles", or "look at poor Pueblo Gonzales - he needs the medical help only the USA can provide". I've even heard the socialist argument - "we are all Americans, where ever we are in the world, and we have a right to live and work in American".

    The great majority of legal Americans don't even consider all of this drool as an immigration issue. Check the image for this post above. The issue is rather simple - if a person is in the USA legally, then they are legal. If a person is here illegally, then they are breaking the law. Rather simple huh? Not to those prancers - they (or the people they prance for) want to legalize being illegal.

    There are divisions on both sides of Congress - unfortunately. I'm rather disappointed that those in the House and Senate don't enforce the laws their own institution has laid out in the past, and some seem to be open to reward those that commit crimes and come into the USA, or stay beyond their prescribed time, without regard to our core values of law and justice.

    I, as many others in the USA, will be watching who vote to trash our laws vs. those who ignore the prancers and the special interest groups and vote to uphold our laws. We will remember - Democrat and Republican - who voted and how they voted. If you vote to trash our country then I will devote all my space to trash you when your election time comes around - reminding your constituents how you failed to protect and secure our country, and how easily you were intimidated.
    The Senate, I think, was quite frankly intimidated by having hundreds of thousands of people in the streets waving flags, but I don't think we should pass legislation or devise legislation based on how many people you can get out into the street.
    Take the Secure America Pledge!

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