Monday, April 10, 2006

    When Does Shit = Shit?

    No matter how CBS tries to color their so-called news anchors, they are still lying liberal shit heads. Ok, so I'm using a bit of slang today - but I'm tired of weak-kneed conservatives that have been letting the whiny liberals take control of this country, and I'm going to be blunter than ever before.

    I'll start my assertiveness with Katie Couric. Now I have to admit I never really was a fan of hers no matter where she appeared. I don't do morning so-called news shows that want to pretend they are sitting in my living room having a nice chat with me, and I never watched NBC's Today Show (no offense to those that do). It's just my choice - I'd rather gather facts.

    Hmmm - speaking of Dan Rather, it's CBS's intention that Ms. Couric restore some level of credibility to their network news after Dan Rather was caught lying to the American people with his intentional lies against George Bush, something he should have apologized directly to Mr. Bush since it was the President's image Rather was trying to destroy - but he has not - a person without any honor or reputation, totally void. Dan Rather is shit.

    Now if I were the CEO of CBS and I really wanted to restore the credibility of my evening news why the heck would I pick another lying liberal shithead to replace a previous lying liberal shithead? I'm into math, and the equation is Shit = Shit. CBS made no change, no attempt to restore credibility. CBS really must stand for Contrived By Shit.

    Is Couric biased in any way? Will she spread a liberal bias like Rather? You bet! Here are just a few topics as she sees them as posted by the media research center.

    Then there is a couple of highlights (out of thousands) of Katie Couric's Years of Liberal Tilt.

    When you cut through the shit CBS could care less about truthfulness of the news - it's about money and ratings with them. Couric makes a liberal $15 million per year - about twice what Rather was scooping in. CBS hopes Couric will bring over many times that in advertising revenue from rival NBC.

    Remember the days when it was truth that mattered?

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