Wednesday, April 19, 2006

    Panic In Liberal Land

    There is disarray and panic in the ranks of the most liberal of Democrats. From Howard Dean to Hillary Clinton, from Ted "I love Osama" Kennedy to that tiny number of ex-generals that want Cheney to resign - panic! Five other states currently require photo ID to vote in elections and lawmakers in Georgia may soon also use such a requirement. PANIC PANIC!

    The state of Indiana has a new law that requires voters to show a government-issued photo ID before voting. Wow - how novel - making sure as much as possible that a voter is legally entitled to vote and even that they only vote one time. Now you see why the liberals are in an uproar.

    This is the group that claims voter fraud if a conservative is elected, yet will fight all attempts to ensure that there is no voter fraud. This Indiana law is very serious to them since their normal pool of registered dead people, illegal aliens, voting multiple times, felons voting that should not be - all would greatly lower the vote tally in elections.

    The big guns are being brought out to fight this in any way possible. Lies are being told but without proof of their claims their lies are being shot down - about time. Take scream'n Dean's words from this past Monday:
    Indiana's voter ID law, widely regarded as one of the most restrictive in America, creates unfair obstacles that will prevent citizens who are lawfully eligible to vote from casting their ballots

    I applaud the Indiana Democratic Party's decision to appeal this ruling. As part of our Party's commitment to doing whatever we can to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to participate in our democracy, the DNC will assist the Indiana Democratic Party's legal challenge to this unfair law and continue our fight to make it easier for all Americans to exercise their right to vote.
    These panic-stricken liberals have even turned to the ACLU - it is a desperate fight. Taken to court, an intelligent Federal judge said the plaintiffs (the liberals and ACLU) had not produced a single piece of evidence that the law would prevent registered voters from casting ballots. Also, expect the race card to be played soon too!

    In May of 2005 Hillary Clinton was actively campaigning for new legislation that she calls the "Count Every Vote Act," promising that the bill "will restore the integrity of our system and strengthen our democracy." Sounds nice huh? However, nowhere in Sen. Clinton's missive, however, does she describe the real impact of the "Count Every Vote Act" - a provision for "felons who have repaid their debt to society" to have their voting franchise restored.
    A recent study by Jeff Manza and Marcus Britton of Northwestern University and Christopher Uggen of the University of Minnesota found that 30 percent of felons would vote if Hillary's law was passed. That's 1.4 million new voters.

    With 85 percent of felon voters statistically likely to vote Democrat, that could add up to 1.2 million votes to presidential candidate Clinton's tally in 2008.
    These liberals are a shifty bunch for sure! Just watch as they fight against the concept of legal votes. I'm not surprised at all. I have always known liberals do not stand for law and order, nor do they side for that which is right. Don't take my word for it - just watch thier panic-mode actions!

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