Wednesday, May 31, 2006

    Grotesque Greed

    A family works hard, becomes successful, helps to employ thousands - or even hundreds of thousands. They try and do right, they pay many millions in taxes, and though wise investing and prudent financial practices they amass their own fortune.

    SLUGS (Socialists-Liberal-lying Unmoral Greedy Suckers) are waiting at the graveside - ready to grab what is not theirs, ready to demand the family cough up a chunk of what rightly belongs to that family - to support the agenda of SLUGS. It is called the estate tax, and for most people it is something they will not have to worry about since the current exemption is $2 million for a single person, $4 million for a married couple (man and woman).

    SLUGS are greedy slimy things. They want to take what is not theirs. They make moral judgments against people that they think have too much. SLUGS accomplish their agenda by trying to make everyone feel guilty and will generate all sorts of skewed statistics of how people are suffering while others (like you and I) are not.

    Take for example the organization called Coalition on Human Needs. Just the very name might make a person feel guilty. They have a campaign going to Save the Estate Tax - they want to financially rape those that have been successful. If you are against the estate tax then you are labeled as mean, cruel, greedy, unfair. But who really is the greedy ones? It is the SLUGS - they wish to take, and give nothing back in return.

    Such is the agenda of the SLUGS.

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