Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    Is Your Child Marketable?

    That T shirt above is one your child might be wearing. Your child will either wear it in such a way that it will be noticeable to anyone near. Perhaps it won't stand out quite as loud as that pictured shirt, but inevitably, the message will be as clear as if your child was wearing it.

    Yesterday the Register Guard way laying on the table and my eye caught a column Springfield students take aim at offensive words. You can read it for yourself but the condensed version is the typical liberal public school touchy-feely BS. While schools in India or Japan or China are pumping young minds with academia like language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc. public schools in the USA spend their school time with being politically correct, with worry about what words might offend someone else. The last paragraph says this BS will be including a couple of schools near Portland as well.

    Now I have no problem with basic respect and manners, but this is not for the liberal government-union-controlled public school system to delve into. These are such basic social interaction skills that are taught (or should be) at the home, not by the government school. If schools focused on the academics there would be no time for "offensive words" campaigns.

    Liberals know their lack of public school achievement is dreary. They know high-tech companies are hiring more and more foreign students and graduates because there are not enough graduates in the USA with the skills needed. This problem is across our nation, but here's an example in the news right now.

    Now, in California, liberals - along with a liberal judge (Alameda County Superior Court Judge Robert B. Freedman) are trying to void the requirement in California that exit exams be given to potential graduates before they get a diploma. Really - liberals want to give diplomas to students that can't pass a simple test. In the case of California, this is being pushed by a socialist group of legal and illegal Mexicans called Californians For Justice. So what does this group of illegals and socialists demand from the public school system and why do they hate conservatives: From their website:
    Our vision of a quality education has many parts. Schools should be free and devoid of academic tracking and tiers based on race or income. Students should be inspired by quality teachers who care and are well trained, and curriculum that challenges them to succeed as well as teaches them about the world, themselves, and to become critical thinkers. The school site should be clean and functioning with nutritious food, onsite health services, and a safe environment.
    • free and devoid of academic tracking = Free diplomas, no testing
    • Nutritious food = Free food, maybe mucho burritos
    • onsite health services = Free medical
    • safe environment = Free security
    So prepare to look happy and proud when your child tells you they got a job in the services industry - maybe flipp'n burgers or working at a mall. The fast food place will probably be owned by a foreign company, as will be the mall. Your child will most likely be working for a company owned and managed overseas - because their children focused on academics, and your child --- well, your child has a nice bright T shirt.

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