Monday, May 08, 2006

    Oregon + Mexican Drug Cartel + Kulongoski

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    Methamphetamine and Oregon - they go hand-in-hand. Oregon is a doped-up state, and we can thank years of Democrat Governorship. Most recently, the dope-of-the-dope award goes to our current Governor Ted Kulongoski. I actually have to consider if upper-level government employees have been bought off by violent Mexican drug gangs, 'cause our Teddy sure has helped them tremendously.

    With HB 2485, people seeking cold and allergy remedies containing pseudoephedrine are now forced to go to a doctor's office and get a prescription before they can obtain what were formerly over-the-counter nonprescription medications. Teddy set history - Oregon became the first state to require a prescription for their purchase - and the Mexican's love Ted.

    While the number of small home-grown operations have declined, the cost of getting a hit has increased tremendously. What once cost about $50 to make in a kitchen or in a van (about an ounce) now costs $800 - $1,500 on the street - much more than an ounce of gas! So now meth-heads have to get lots of money - burglaries have surged. Auto theft has surged. Any crime where a buck can be made - skyrocketed.

    So Mexican drug lords love our Governor, and our Democrat Governor loves illegal Mexicans. As I mentioned before, he even had no problemo with the Mexican flag flying at Oregon state facilities. Our Democrat Governor allows illegal Mexicans to get Oregon Drivers licenses - in case they are stopped by the police they can flip it out and be on their way - drugs and all. Interstate 5 is a major corridor for pumping drugs from Mexico into Oregon - yet our Governor makes sure we are under-staffed when it comes to highway patrol officers. Police are frustrated because they will arrest people only to see them freed by liberals judges or processed in and out through the legal system - sometimes spending not even a week in jail.

    Some tid-bits from the DEA on Oregon:
    Cocaine: Hispanic traffickers are the most common sources of cocaine in Oregon, and it is sold to Caucasian distributors. Crack cocaine is available but more so in the areas of Salem and southern Oregon.
    Meth: methamphetamine is one of the most widely abused controlled substances in Oregon. Mexican amphetamine continues to flood the market. Methamphetamine is available in multi-pound amounts throughout western Oregon, and smaller quantities are available in Eastern Oregon.
    Heroin: Mexican black tar and brown heroin are the primary types of heroin distributed throughout Oregon, controlled by Hispanic poly-drug trafficking organizations. Heroin continues to be shipped from Mexico by a variety of methods, primarily by vehicles with hidden compartments. Heroin typically is transported overland to Portland via the Interstate 5 corridor from source cities in Mexico through traffickers in California. Many of the Hispanic traffickers belong to extended Mexican families from regions such as Nayarit and Michoacan, where traffickers use their familial contacts in Mexico and California to smuggle heroin into the state. These organizations also traffic in cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana (of Mexican origin).
    You still think they just want to pick I strawberries huh?

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