Friday, May 05, 2006

    Just Another Day

    I remember it was several years after my parents moved us kids to California that I wandered into this new Mexican restaurant. It was owned and operated by this older Mexican lady and all of the salsa was made by her from scratch (you could watch her making it between orders). On the wall was a poster for Cinco de Mayo - but it didn't have the date of the event. Trying not to look too dumb I said "Oh, what day does that fall on this year?" Hey - I didn't grow up in the barrio!

    I don't observe Mexican holidays - I'm neither Mexican, Latino, nor some hyphenated version of anything. I'm an American. It's not a racist thing - it's an American thing. I don't observe French holidays or Arab holidays either. Like I said, I'm an American. I speak English, and I surely don't support taxpayer moneys going to pay for translation services. Kudos to Long Island Congressman Peter King for wanting our national anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the new citizens' oath in English only. Why is does it seem like it's only the Republicans that take pride in America?

    Also, I don't buy Mexican produce (yeah, I read labels or ask). Their sanitary conditions in Mexico reflect that of a third world nation - and they are. Their government is corrupt, their police are corrupt, and they don't have bans on many pesticides the USA does. Those that are banned are not enforced. Mexico has their own Tomatos-On-The-Vine to compete with Canada's BC (superior) version - yet there is the big risk even if they grow hot house veggies they pump in sewage - especially if they know their product will be exported. Less than 5% of their produce gets tested, and it wouldn't be the first time Americans have suffered from sewage-fed vegetable growth.

    Neither do I travel, nor will I ever travel, to Mexico. I have absolutely no desire to purchase land in Mexico. I remember many Americans buying property in Mexico on a beach, building their dream home, only to loose it all when the Mexican government ruled in favor of the Mexican bandits that had real ownership of the property - probably the oldest Mexican trick on the books. Me? I'd choose Maui any day over anything in Mexico!

    Chaa Chaa Chaa!

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