Thursday, May 18, 2006

    Mexicans To Excel At Future Olympics!

    Isn't it about time for some good news for a change? People have been bashing ILLEGAL aliens as if they broke the law or something. I mean really, is it their fault that our Constitution isn't written in Spanish as well as English? Maybe I can understand how they simply wondered across our border by accident. Uh - maybe not.

    So now our Senate wants to build a fence along part of our border on the Mexican side - of course. Now President Fox cries and pulls the racism card - too bad. But will a fence even work? Will wire cutter sales surge in Mexico?

    Is the fence / wall really to help stop illegal entry or will it help keep the 12-20 Million ILLEGAL criminals in the USA within our country?

    Then there is this exclusion of criminal illegal aliens - barring ILLEGAL aliens from "a fast track to citizenship". How stupid is that! Unless they have already experienced lush US prison system how will we know how bad a particular ILLEGAL alien is? Personally I see them as already BAD since they didn't care enough about our immigration laws and made the choice to break the law to get and stay here. Will our government contact the Mexican government and ask them for any criminal records on a particular person? Yeah, right.

    Then there's the really stupid concept of rewarding ILLEGAL aliens for having evaded detection - the longer the more perks. By what measure will the government use to determine how long an ILLEGAL alien has been here? A note from their employer? DUH.

    The most effective tool would be requiring all employers to verify with the US government the legal residency status of all of their workers. Unfortunately, the most effective tool will likely not even be enforced.

    Meanwhile, Mexico is threatening to sue the US government should troops be placed along the border - with the help of the ACLU. Count on the taco government to also secretly fund lawsuits by individual illegal aliens against the US government as well. Think the ACLU needs to change their name to CLU - Chicano Liberties Union! (Did you really believe the ACLU was standing up for America?)

    Meanwhile, in the Register Guard today - Letters to da editor - Hallie Edwards tries to spoof the readers, but in reality I would agree with some of what she wrote:
    • Let's boycott all of the industries that use illegals (I try but hard to have this info)
    • If there are illegals working in a new-home construction area, don't buy
    • Don't stay at any hotel that employs illegals (I try not to)
    • Don't buy fruit, flowers, etc. that employ illegals (well, hard to know but I don't buy Mexican food items - unsafe!)

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