Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    Étrangers, Socialistes, et Mensonges Illégaux Faux

    In the picture above an undercover agent shows off one of the thousands of fake illegal aliens that were left behind in yesterday's socialist stampede. I know, you thought it was something to do with immigration - at least that's what you read in the paper and heard on CBS. Reality: Socialists don't believe in borders, and thus they believe illegal aliens have rights. They do not. We all know how liberals have turned "illegal alien" into "you're racist and anti-immigration". That was too obvious!

    More examples of faux liberal tales:

    The newly released movie, United 93, is really stirring up the liberal mill-machine. The big problem with this movie is the risk of stirring up that darn patriotism again - so close to election time in many states. The wackos are out in force to try and keep people from seeing this real story - not some fake made-up story. Some have labeled it as "the creepiest movie of the year" (direct quote from a liberal blog), "making a movie off the deaths of innocent people", etc. Liberal newspapers have their movie reviewers - one such as Chas Bowie of the Portland Mercury who said (excerpt):
    Does it matter that the storyteller (in this case, Greengrass) is a master at his craft? United 93 would be a cinch to dismiss if it weren't so effectively made. Do we care that he doesn't offer anything but expository action? Greengrass doesn't have any thesis or point he's trying to make, besides "Watch this. Don't look away. Don't blink." No theories or conjectures are offered, and the film sticks to the nightly news version of the story.
    I find the majority of Americans don't think much of the liberal lies, their theories and conjectures - they always have some anti-American thread to them. Just try posting something at a liberal site that even sounds patriotic - you will find yourself either banned and/or comment deleted. So how do I know that Americans hate the hate talk of liberals? Just look at the big promised flagship that was suppose to reign supreme on the airwaves - Air America Radio (AAR).

    Within the past 30 days:

    The winter 2006 Arbitron radio ratings (equivalent to the Nielson ratings for TV) put Air America down to 0.8 - practically nothing. They have lost almost half their audience.

    Liberal's poster boi Al Franken has been unable to stop his swirl down the liberal toilet bowl. Later this year (Aug. 31 to be exact) Air America will be dumped from its flagship station in NYC: WLIB-AM. AAR will be replaced with local programming.

    It won't be long before the handful of wealthy liberals that have been pumping money into AAR will admit to their failure - that continually lying to the American people and feeding the airwaves (of radio at least) with constant hate, lies, and support toward our enemies won't make them a buck.

    So no matter how much Franken smiles when he talks about Bush's approval ratings going down (but won't talk about his), I'm willing to bet Bush will still be in office long after Franken is gone, LOL.

    Almost brings a tear of happiness to my eyes - well, almost. When the plug is pulled and Franken starts to make the liberal TV interview rounds you can count on him blaming the right wing conspiracy. Remember, in the liberal world, nothing is ever their fault - blame someone else! Not taking personal responsibility is a liberal trait - count on it!

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