Monday, May 01, 2006

    Merging Of The Piles

    My first-of-the-month post of the fruits of Islam, the religion of peace, is very appropriate for this day when three piles - illegal aliens (criminals), socialists, and liberals - will be trying to disrupt the streets of America like thousands of dump trucks filled with pig shit dumped over. It's appropriate because Muslims have been encouraged to help take over our country - to force weak liberals in high places - like Ted Kennedy - to vote as if American has no borders - to give scum a free ride. Free for them, but not for Americans that have been paying the price for years.

    Over 15 million - and what percent are terrorists waiting for the word to start their killings here?

    While the current leader of the Your Black Muslim Bakery has been arrested in San Francisco for attempted murder (after leaving a sex strip joint), Muslims around the world have been busy practicing their religion as missionaries of peace. The totals for April from the Religion of Peace website:
    • April Murdered: 1,129

    • April Injured/maimed: 1,626

    • 2006 Jan-Apr Murdered: 3,624

    • 2006 Jan-Apr Injured/maimed: 5,151
    From that Indian engineer kidnapped, tortured, and decapitated by the Taliban on April 30 to Holy Islamic warriors that gunned down four civilians, including an 8 year old girl, on April 25 in Baqubah, the range of atrocities never ceases. Why? Because the ACLU, CAIR, liberals like Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi are focused on their own terror agenda - helping to bring our country to its knees.

    So I ask my readers - where has Amnesty International been when all of these and future murders and atrocities have taken place? CAIR supports these atrocities - they encourage them, yet on the surface they smile and say peace be unto you brother. Where are the peace protestors that supposedly value life? Where is the outrage?

    Just wait until Iran, China, and Russia join in spreading nuclear weapons to the enemies of the USA. And the beat goes on.
    I subscribe to the no-nonsense immigration reform plan detailed in the Pitsburgh Tribune-Review Editorial from Sunday, April 9, 2006. Check it out for yourself - read the full text.

    BTW - I asked my daughter, a teacher in Southern California, if any of their students (high school) were planning of walking out today. She advised me if they did they would be expelled. Obviously there are still some parts of CaliMexico that have not surrendered to the socialists, nor to the Mexican government.

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