Wednesday, June 14, 2006

    Wal-Mart vs The Chicago Mob Bosses

    Here's the situation, plain and simple. It's about freedom when it comes down to it. In one corner is Wal-Mart, you know - that big corporation that provides jobs to over 1,300,000 people in the USA alone as well as lower prices than many union-based stores. Employees at Wal-Mart enjoy freedom - freedom from the union bosses sucking their hard earned money from each paycheck in the disguise of union dues. Employees also have freedom to NOT be part of a union, while at union stores all rank and file employees must join the extortionist unions and pay up.

    In the other corner are the union mob bosses of Chicago. Naturally, they don't want a non-union store to set up shop there since it would mean a loss of control wherever such stores are. The unions and government of Chicago think they know more about running a retail business - more than the successful Wal-Mart, and are attempting to dictate - command - demand - use their muscle - to force Wal-Mart to comply with payroll standards that are none of their business.

    At stake - about 20 new Wal-Mart stores in areas that need jobs, that need options for people to buy what they want or need at competitive prices.

    The showdown - A couple of thug-union bosses claim Wal-Mart is "holding a gun to the city council's head" - yet it is actually the city council that is making the demands. Wal-Mart is making no demands, they just want to build their stores. On the other hand, Wal-Mart is tired of being intimidated - and I praise their stance.

    Never give in to the extortionist attempts by any union, union-bosses, or union-controlled politicians! Good luck Wal-Mart! I have a feeling if the thugs in the Chicago city council keep Wal-Mart out the people might not vote them back in! The masses love Wal-Mart, that's why they are a success.

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