Monday, June 19, 2006

    Polls - Is America Safer?

    In a Harris/Financial Times poll of 5,000 people in Britain, France, Germany Italy, and Spain, 36 percent of those polled viewed the USA as the greatest threat to global security. While such a poll would have SLUGS gleaming from ear-to-ear, step back and view their result with the emphasis on the majority: 64 percent do not see the USA as the greatest threat to global security. Yet in the title of headlines that carry this story, what the SLUGS media wishes for their readers to see is "Poll: U.S. seen as treat to stability". SLUGS are such --- SLUGS!

    Even with the majority of those polled not seeing the USA as the greatest threat; I really wouldn't trust a European to project any favorable thoughts toward the USA. European countries are more socialistic than the USA - and their citizens must pay higher taxes than Americans. Their currency - the Euro - is in competition with the US dollar. They have their own huge regulatory agency - the EC - to govern what can and can't enter member countries.

    Polls can be so very slanted however the poll taker wishes. SLUGS love polls - unless they are favorable toward the USA. But in those cases, they will always put the emphasis on the anti-American side, no matter if it represented the minority. Just like the poll referenced above.

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