Tuesday, July 04, 2006

    Happy Birthday United States of America!

    Still out of the country for awhile but want to recognize the greatest country in the world. America is the most generous, is the most free, has the greatest opportunities, the best military, and is just the very best.

    When you hear people in the USA bash our great country just ignore them. They know no other country that is better or else they would be there and not here.

    When you hear liberal politicians bash our country and the efforts of our troops remember their names come election time.

    When you see and hear of media revealing secrets of our government, secrets intended to help keep our country and its citizens safe, remember who they are and don't purchase from them. Go a step farther and even write the companies that advertise with these traitorous entities that you won't buy their products if they continue to advertise with these SLUGS.

    Remember it is the law-abiding citizens and legal residents that make this country great. Those that try and bring our country down:
    • SLUGS
    • Liberals
    • Socialists
    • Anarchists
    • CAIR
    • ACLU
    • And any organization that tries to remove the very foundation that we were built on
    Remember, there is no such phrase as "civil liberties" in our Constitution. It was a phrase that was created by SLUGS to accomplish their agenda by wrapping their lies in a cloak that is to appear as "liberty". Yep, just another one of their lies. Don't be tricked by their lies. Don't count on these SLUGS to be flying an American flag on the 4th! If you pass a SLUGS type give them a hearty "God Bless American" shout!

    Party hearty, be safe!

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