Monday, June 26, 2006

    Profiling - Watching Out For The Good People

    Reading the Services Directory of one of the Washington Hotels in the Tokyo area this morning I come across a good example of profiling - profiling for the sake of the good people:
    Use of the Hotel shall be denied to any organization or individual in any of the categories listed below. Further, the Hotel reserves the right to refuse use (including room reservation) of this hotel by any organization or individual regarding which this Hotel learns of comparable or related information, as and when it does so. Moreover, any organization or individuals about whom such facts come known to this Hotel shall thereafter be refused all further use of the premises.
    1. Hoodlum groups or members of a hoodlum group designated as such under the Law Concerning Prevention of Unjustifiable Acts by Hoodlums (effective as of March 1, 1992)

    2. Antisocial groups or members of an antisocial group (hoodlum groups, extremist activity group, as well as their affiliated members)

    3. Persons using the premises who, whether because of mental debilitation or loss of self-control due to the use of drugs or the like, has difficulty in securing the safety of his or her own person, or risks causing danger, fear, or alarm to any other guest.
    Japan is ahead of the USA in protecting the good people. SLUGS, on the other hand, would not think of such a thing. SLUGS, along with their judges and activist groups like the ACLU have put the average person in America at risk.

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