Wednesday, July 19, 2006

    Revealing Light

    When the terrorist organization Hezbollah began kidnapping Israeli solders and started firing their Iranian missiles into the country of Israel it shot a beam of light throughout the world. Finally, without any doubt, leaders of countries, politicians, religious leaders - many have already exposed which side they align with: terrorism or freedom.

    Those that support terrorists have included the European Union and the U.N. - with Kofi Annan calling for a cease fire by Israel - in other words, let Hezbollah recover and rebuild so they can strike another day. Many liberals in our own government want President Bush to force Israel to stop fighting against Hezbollah - that's right, to stop fighting against the real threat and violence of terrorists. Like I have always said, liberals (SLUGS) can only win if terrorists prevail.

    So you think Hezbollah is not a terrorist threat? Check out this link to a Hezbollah internet video used for recruitment and fundraising in the USA:
    In one scene, Hezbollah fighters with bombs strapped to their chests line up at attention as the commander says, "We shall make the ground explode under the feet of our enemies, America and Israel."
    Stay the course Israel, and wipe out the Hezbollah Islamic threat to your country - once and for all. Most of America is with you - even Arabs, with the exception of those SLUGS.
    The 22-member Arab League criticized Hezbollah for provoking the current crisis. It is unprecedented for the Arab League to criticize any Arab party while it is actively engaged in hostilities with Israel. But the Arab states know that Hezbollah, a Shiite militia in the service of Persian Iran, is a threat not just to Lebanon but to them as well. Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan have openly criticized Hezbollah for starting a war on what is essentially Iran's timetable (to distract attention from Iran's pending referral to the Security Council for sanctions over its nuclear program). They are far more worried about Iran and its proxies than about Israel. They are therefore eager to see Hezbollah disarmed and defanged.

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