Thursday, July 13, 2006

    SLUGS Show Their Kind Hearts

    Last month a young high school student felt the anti-freespeech power of liberals:
    At the commencement ceremony of Foothill High School in Henderson, Nevada, valedictorian Brittany McComb deviated from a school-approved speech to share about the influence of God's love on her life, only to have her speech cut short. Now the Christian high school graduate is suing the district for pulling the plug on her commencement address.
    Ah, those SLUGS - pulling the plug on the First Amendment rights of a young girl. What kind-hearted SLUGS the USA has.

    Then there is that old socialist topic of minimum wage. SLUGS will cause hundreds of thousands of minimum wage workers get the boot - fired - terminated - so that employers, forced by Big Brother, will have to increase the productivity of less minimum wage workers in order to afford paying a higher wage. From the CATO Institute:
    The idea that legislators can help low-income workers simply by mandating a pay raise is the height of hubris. While the minimum-wage rhetoric may sound good, the reality is quite different. Forcing employers to pay low-skilled workers a higher than market wage - in the absence of any changes in productivity - will decrease the number of workers hired (the law of demand).

    The National Federation of Independent Business estimates that if the federal minimum wage is increased to $6.65 per hour, nearly 217,000 workers would lose their jobs. The long-run consequences would be even more severe, as employers introduced labor-saving equipment and technology.
    As King of the SLUGS Ted Kennedy (rich socialist woman-killer drunk Ted) said such an increase is "a matter of decency and fairness," given that Congress has awarded itself a number of pay raises. The problem is SLUGS never consider the consequences of their actions. Their actions are always superficial and for the moment, never for the long term.

    Ah, those SLUGS - pulling the jobs out from under the feet of minimum wage workers.

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