Wednesday, July 12, 2006

    You WILL Respect Islam - Or Else!

    I get emails from CAIR, I figure it's good to know what the enemy camp is up. So I get this notice this Wednesday about CAIR calling in the FBI to investigate some people that invoked their freedom of expression by doing some damage to a Koran. Yes, you heard right - the Islamic Public Relations Arm wasting FBI time, money, and resources investigating American citizens invoking their Constitutional rights!

    Initially posted over at MySpace the owner removed it - the power and influence of CAIR prevailed.

    Now CAIR finds this so offensive they posted a link to the video on their own website. Check it out for yourself and see if you find it offensive. I sure don't. I found it rather entertaining - I laughted.

    Although we are still a nation governed by our constitution Muslims will make sure we respect them - or else. If not murdered, then all non-Muslims (aka, infidels) will be thrown into prison. How will this happen in America? Our own laws will be used against us, and when a law doesn't exist they will be created to enforce Islam.

    To advance their objective as the one and only religion in the USA, Islam must do away with our freedom of speech, our freedom of expression - or at least limit it. They continue to target even innocent cartoons, especially the B.C. series, as "offensive" and "a civil rights violation".

    More Muslims are going into law than ever before - with the ultimate goal of enforcing "the religion of peace" upon us all.
    Though firm numbers are elusive -- law firms and schools don't ask about an applicant's religion -- the number of Muslim lawyers and law students is growing. The National Association of Muslim Lawyers, which began in 1996 with 24 members, now has 500. Half of the 100 members of the Bay Area Association of Muslim Lawyers, known as BAAML, are law students, a sign of the swelling ranks. And Muslim law student associations are sprouting from Berkeley to Yale.
    This is the United States of America and if you don't like our freedom then feel free to leave!

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