Wednesday, August 30, 2006

    Child Abuse - ala Liberal Style

    In Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie Kindergarten Cop a young boy tells Arnold that "Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina". In the liberal public schools, that happens only in the movies. In the real world - the liberal world - this is "Boys might or might not have a penis. Girls might or might not have a vagina".

    Arnold has signed a bill that makes it a criminal act for any entity - public schools, business, any entity - that does not accept homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality.

    Yes, that's right. In the liberal world the force of the government comes down to Gestapo-like dictates that the interests of special interest groups be accepted by the citizens, or the citizens will be punished. This is the concept of liberal "Civil Liberties" - nothing to do with freedom!

    Well Arnold, who's the Girlie Man now? You are.

    So with students immersed at an early age in perverted sexual concepts, learning how to blame others, learning how to modify photographs, how to get government handouts, as well as focus items such as having the latest cell phone and designer jeans - the current SAT scores have shown the greatest decline in 31 years. Expect liberals to get defensive and say the low scores reflect the need for more money, and, they reflect a test that discriminates in some way. They will blame everything and everyone - expect themselves.

    Remember these points when the liberal unionized public school machine once again dangles your children in the air to demand more and more money. Just be aware that all the millions and billions of dollars that they have been sucking from the taxpayer has NOT been going for educating the children.

    An now class, we will show Brokeback Mountain. There will be a quiz after the movie.

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