Monday, August 28, 2006

    Oregon Is DOOMED!

    Is your state like Oregon? The Pacific Northwest state of Oregon is DOOMED if it continues on its current course. In the relatively few years that I have lived in Oregon I've seen it increasingly go downhill. Increases in crime. Increases in drug abuse. Increases in visual filth and homeless that have come to a state that seems to have no problems attracting the lower scum of society while neglecting the very citizens that are burdened with its support.

    Some local cities across the country are taking steps to crack down on illegal aliens since the federal bureaucracy has been so inept. Local town passing ordinances to ensure property ownersthat rent do not rent to illegals:
    Dozens of towns have followed the path of Hazelton, Pa., which passed an ordinance July 13 to deter housing owners from renting to illegals. Riverside, N.J., quickly passed a similar measure, which fines landlords $1,000 per day for renting to illegals and removes business licenses from employers who hire illegals.
    While I applaud such actions that protect the citizens of those communities there is a problem for states like Oregon. You see, in Oregon, we have a governor (Ted Kulongoski) and supporting government employees that are giving safe haven to illegals. Last year a state employee hung a Mexican flag at the Oregon Employment department in Medford, OR. When someone complained their solution? Take down the USA flag!

    The fact that illegal aliens are ALL criminals has no influence over those that have been very generous with the money of the citizens of Oregon. The social service facilities in the state are all bilingual - to make sure they can handle the influx of illegal Mexicans. Local governments have reduced the budgets for protecting the rightful citizens in exchange for supporting these social handouts, and now most all want to demand even more money from their citizens!

    In the Eugene/Springfield area the growth of illegal Mexicans is great enough that Eugene's Churchill Media is expanding the reach of its chain of radio stations as it seeks to claim the Northwest's Hispanic market as its own - "La X" (note they don't have a bi-lingual link for English - only Spanish).

    So when the illegal Mexicans flee from the towns that will not give them sanctuary, guess where they will come.

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