Monday, August 21, 2006

    Jeopardy Monday

    A: They are responsible for forcing companies into pricing situations where they are unable to compete resulting in the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs and even plant closures.
    Q: What are unions?

    A: He married into riches build on the backs of slave labor in tomato fields.
    Q: Who is John Kerry?

    A: They teach their children to hate entire countries, strap bombs on their bodies to murder innocent women and children, and that their reward for dying while committing murder is a sex orgy - at least if you're male.
    Q: Who are Muslims?

    A: They say they want freedom but they don't want parents to have the freedom of choice where they send their children to school, forcing them into government union-controlled schools.
    Q: Who are liberals?

    A: It was a hate fest, held August 20 th, 2006, and included Azzam Tamimi as a guest speaker advocating suicide bombings.
    Q: What was UK Expo-Islamia?

    A: They fund an Islamic center on a Marine base and provide Korans to Muslim prisoners.
    Q: Who are the American taxpayers?

    A: They believe marriage is just a piece of paper and homosexuals should be able to marry, and even (as in Europe) be able to marry animals if they wish.
    Q: Who are liberals?

    A: They don't believe in We The People because when the people vote they run to the court to overturn the will of the people.
    Q: Who are liberals?

    A: They're learning Spanish and coming across the southern border along with the other illegal aliens.
    Q: Who are terrorists?

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