Tuesday, August 22, 2006

    Jeopardy Tuesday

    A: They cover for Muslim terrorists and Muslim criminals by manipulating US laws.
    Q: What is CAIR?

    A: They are responsible for the growing violence and gang rapes in the USA.
    Q: Who are illegal aliens?

    A: They ensure even young children are indoctrinated into homosexual behavior at the earliest age possible.
    Q: Who are liberals?

    A: They have no problem burning the flag of the USA in the classroom of a public school.
    Q: What are liberal public school teachers?

    A: He's a fat ugly liberal that would never publicly debate those he attacks and has no problems lying to make a buck off his sucker fans.
    Q: Who is Michael Moore?

    A: For Westerners and Jews, he's the reincarnation of Hitler. To liberals, he's a nice guy.
    Q: Who is Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

    A: He's the founder of the Islamic Republic of the violent Muslim beast whose teachings promoting hate, death, and destruction to all that don't believe and practice the teachings of the evil beast.
    Q: Who is Imam Khomeini?

    A: Located in Washington D.C., they put in writing they are for the security of the nation, but what they don't tell people is that nation is NOT America - but the Muslim Nation.
    Q: Who is CAIR?

    A: It's a war that seems to be known by only one side and ignored by the other.
    Q: What is Islamofascism?

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