Thursday, August 17, 2006

    Jimmy Carter Victim Of Global Warming

    You remember Jimmy Carter - awarded the Nobel Peace prize by the socialist anti-American Nobel committee - just like they awarded the same prize to the terrorist leader Yasser Arafat in 1994. To win this prize you have to promote socialism, be anti-American, and hate Israel. Carter passed on all of those.

    This is the same peanut brain that criticized the Bush administration for eavesdropping on foreign calls to/from the USA for anti-terrorist concerns, and publicly announced that he thought the president broke the law. What peanut brain failed to disclose was he signed Executive Order 12139, giving authority to conduct electronic surveillance on the American people - without a warrant! Just another liberal lying to the American people.

    During his tenure as president this liberal caused the worst economic downturn in the USA since World War II. Maybe some of you remembering your car loan at 18% or more? Thanks Jimbo Carter!

    During his tenure as president this liberal Democrat allowed a bunch of Islamic thugs to seize our embassy and our citizens in Iran - our embassy is USA territory - so he allowed the invasive attack into America - and did nothing but wimper and beg with the Muslim clerics to let the hostages go free - for humanitarian reasons. The Muslim community laughed at how we defended ourselves - and they are still laughing as they gain control.

    Carter supported many dictators - including Philippine's Marcos, Pakistani's General Hug, Saudi's King Faud, as well as leaders of the terrorists communities - even inviting them into the white house.

    Best know perhaps for the Camp David "peace accord" - nothing more than a quiet time for terrorists to arm themselves to fight against Israel - and they have done just that.

    Upon becoming president he took steps to reduce the budget for the military putting the USA at greater risks. He signed many agreements with the Soviets and made the world a more dangerous place (it wasn't until Republican Reagan took office that the Soviet Union crumbled and the Iron Curtain torn down - making the world a safer place).

    Carter was bad for the economy. He was bad for the military. He was bad for America. He left the country in a shambles - demoralized, broke, and directionless. His peanut brain actions are still being felt, with the most recent being U.S. Liberal Socialist Judge Anna Diggs Taylor (his appointee) seeking to block Bush's wiretapping of foreign communications. Unreal, yet very real.

    Do you believe history repeats itself? I do. All of the above will happen again, and in greater magnitude - if liberals (socialists) gain power in our country and courts.

    Jimmy - just cram some peanuts down your mouth and choke to death already please!

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