Tuesday, August 15, 2006

    Is Profiling Just Common Sense?

    I know there are some that are against profiling. I would say that those against profiling fall into one of these categories:
    • You are a criminal with something to hide
    • You're about to do a criminal act
    • You're a card-carrying ACLU member
    • You are paranoid and don't care about crime and security
    • You're a socialist
    • You're a liberal
    • You're follow a barbaric philosophy
    Let's get to some examples and see if profiling would make a difference.
    1. There are two women. One is a Christian in a bikini and the other (you presume is a woman) is a Muslim dressed in a Hijab with a burqa hiding the face. One is a suicide bomber. Do you dare profile one woman over the other?

    2. You're at Wal-Mart. Two Arab men chanting something Muslim are in front of you. You notice they are buying about 1,000 disposable cell phones and a case of peroxide. Do you dare profile these men and alert the authorities?

    3. You're walking past a Islamic mosque in your town. You see an unmarked truck parked in the rear. Groups of people are dressed in radiation protection gear as some large crate is being moved into the mosque. You hear chanting like KILL the infidel, KILL the infidel. Do you dare profile these people? You might risk legal action for discrimination by CAIR.

    4. You see the young Muslim man you met at the local store once, a skinny fellow, but today he looks like he's wearing a life preserver around his waist. It's 8:00 am and he's standing at a bus stop for children. You know that is the last stop on the bus route and the bus will be filled with children. Do you dare profile this young man and alert the authorities? You might be called a bigot or something.
    SLUGS have pounded it into the minds of people throughout the world that profiling is bad - it's wrong - it's racist - it's showing you are mean.

    Me? It shows I have not lost my common sense.

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