Monday, August 07, 2006

    The Liberal's Love & Protection Of Terrorists

    While Israel has chosen to defend herself against the terrorist anti-Semitic Muslim organization called Hezbollah individuals and agencies around the world are showing their true allegiance - are they in favor of supporting a growing terrorist organization or are they in favor of freedom, liberaty, and the fight against terrorists?

    A sample of the terrorist supporters is really no surprise - all liberal, all anti-American, all anti-Israel:
    • Reuters - Another fraud perpetrated by another liberal propaganda arm doctoring photos and stories for the sole purpose of making Israel look bad Hezbollah good. 920 fake photos to be exact.

    • CAIR - Always defending the Muslim terrorists their anti-Israel stance is nothing new. Their fraudulent poll and petitions are currently trying to save Hezbollah so they can rebuild their terrorist group. CAIR never supported UN resolution 1559 - calling for the disarming of Hezbollah. No surprise from the PR arm of the violent Muslim religion in the USA.

    • Canadian Liberals - Marching against Israel, even against a terrorist group.

    • Scotland Liberals - Illegally boarding a plane to search for weapons being transported to Israel.

    • Socialist Hugo Chavez - Wild accusations that Israel has created a new holocaust.

    • Muslim Iran - President Ahmadinejad has said that the "elimination" of Israel is the solution to the Middle East's problems - and will have no problem using his new nuclear weapons to achieve this.

    • The Socialist Party - siding with any force that would battle Israel and the United States, they tout the actions of protestors that demand an immediate cease fire - so that Hezbollah can recover from the attacks of Israel. All socialists hate Israel - so no surprise.

    • Counter Currents - a liberal (SLUGS) site - trying to pump up Hezbollah with reports that Hezbollah is more popular than ever. Like true socialist-liberals they see Hezbollah as a legitimate "political party". Try telling that to the families of the Marines when Hezbollah bombed their barracks in Beirut.
    Liberals and socialists - taking their stand - against America, against Israel, against freedom.

    Liberals and socialists - protecting the interests of the terrorists - the spirt of Hitler continues.

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