Thursday, September 28, 2006

    Chunks For Thursday

    President Bush's job approval rating has climbed to 42% - to the dismay and hate of Democrats. No matter how hard they try to bash our country, our president, and protect terrorists they seem to run amuck.
    More than 15,000 in Chicago will hopefully remember that it was the Democrats that tried to stop the first Wal-Mart from opening in Chicago. It was liberal Democrats that demanded the successful retailer conduct business in a manner they saw fit - like in the days of Al Capone. After the Chicago mayor vetoed that bit of extortion Wal-Mart was good to go.

    Those 15,000 people were the number that applied to work at Wal-Mart, a 142,000 SqFt store in the economically depressed Austin section on the west side. Obviously the "economics" of Democrats is not compatible with those 15,000 nor the shoppers that will enjoy competitive low prices.
    A Pentagon briefing has proved me right all along. This is well know with many, but not with liberals. Suicide bombers follow Quran:
    With suicide bombings spreading from Iraq to Afghanistan, the Pentagon has tasked intelligence analysts to pinpoint what's driving Muslim after Muslim to do the unthinkable.

    Their preliminary finding is politically explosive: it's their "holy book" the Quran after all, according to intelligence briefings obtained by WND.

    In public, the U.S. government has made an effort to avoid linking the terrorist threat to Islam and the Quran while dismissing suicide terrorists as crazed heretics who pervert Islamic teachings.

    Ever notice that all sorts of people are apologizing to Muslims? Someone will say something, print something, do something - all within the freedom of human expression - yet if Muslims don't like it then the pressure comes down and the death threats are issued. YET - the words "I'm sorry" are never uttered by Muslims to a non-Muslim.
    • The Pope was pressured under threats of assassination to apologize.
    • A car dealer in Ohio was forced under duress to apologize for an ad he wanted to run
    • Under pressure, the Anti-Defamation League apologized for suggesting that Islam's declaration of faith, the Shahada, is an "expression of hate" that is "closely identified" with terrorism.
    • Under pressure from CAIR and Muslim groups, CA Vice Mayor Ed Sileo was forced to apologize for a couple of words sent in a private email to some of his friends.
    • The powerful Muslim muscle was used to force an Italian editor to apologize for a humorous caption on a drawing published in their monthly paper.
    • Radio talk show host Bill Handel was forced to apologize and the radio station forced to "educate people on the prophet Muckhammad" after CAIR rallied the Muslims in America - all over a satire skit.
    I could go on and on - those were just a few from this year alone. Will you be next to apologize and submit to the Muslim demands to spread the "goodness" of Islam?

    I wonder what threats were issued to Tony Blair and his family…

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