Tuesday, September 26, 2006

    Pathetic Little Man

    Ok. I calmed down after that interview with former President Clinton.

    His pathetic attempts to convince the public he had implemented some war on terror. Did he fool you?

    His pathetic threats after the interview to his staff - that anyone ever putting him in that situation (of trying to convince anyone he had such a war-on-terror program) again would be fired.

    This pathetic excuse of a former president even lied that their war-on-terror program was handed to the Bush administration upon arrival. The only thing the Clinton's gave the new Bush administration was a bunch of keyboards with missing key caps and a bunch of stupid laughter as they were leaving.

    Some missed questions I would have liked to hear:
    • Did you ever lie to the American people?

    • Why did you abandon Somalia - turn tail and run?

    • Now that Somalia is a stronghold of Al Qaeda more than ever do you see your cowardice action making the USA safer from terrorism?

    • You claimed to have a plan to attack Afghanistan after the USS Cole was attacked an American soldiers murdered, yet CIA officials said you lie - there was no such plan. How do you resolve this?

    • You have cheated on your wife Hillary many times Mr. Clinton, yet she has never divorced you. Do you attribute this to your threat to her that you know where her past skeletons are buried?

    • You have done so little to help those in America that you claim to embrace, instead promoting your global initiative - even your own website. How long have you felt that our constitution should be replaced with a global responsibility agreement?

    • The Saudis and Arabs have funneled millions to your presidential library. Was this a gift for you looking the other way?

    • During your presidency you helped the enemies of our nation obtain some of the most guarded secrets, especially pertaining to our defense system. Is this part of the globalization ideals that you and other Democrats embrace?

    • Do you see the continual leaking of documents of national security by Democrats as a continuation of your globalization philosophy by attempting to weaken the USA?

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