Friday, September 08, 2006

    Disappointed With Bush!

    I feel sorry for the Rev. O'Neal Dozier, pastor of the Worldwide Christian Center Church in Pompano, FL. This fine man made a big mistake - at least a big mistake when it comes to speaking the truth - and Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida - slammed this Rev. down for that truth.

    The Rev. Dozier had been on the Seventeenth Circuit Judicial Nominating Commission which screens candidates for the bench in Broward County, FL. Now he is not - forced by Jeb Bush to resign.

    Why? Because the Rev. Dozier used his First Amendment rights and expressed the truth - the reality - of Islam. He called it a dangerous religion and a cult. Now with Islam, the religion of peace, those are kill'n words. Thousands have been executed for far less by Muslims, and most all terrorists are Muslims - the common thread. Yet Jeb Bush, under pressure from the public relations arm of Islam in America - CAIR - performed the soft execution by terminating Rev. Dozier's appointment.

    It's a growing trend - if anyone that gets public attention speaks against Islam the forces of Islam will swoop down upon them. At first it starts with categorizing that person as racist or bigoted, in attempts to get that person to publicly apologize. If that doesn't work the forces of Islam will stir their nest of followers with public demonstrations and outcries and looming retaliation - in the attempt to pressure local political leaders. If that doesn't work then a fatwa will be issued. Muslims are instructed to respect local laws but are warned there is only one true law - the law of the Muslim Nation.

    It is reality - Muslims see America as their future nation - a Muslim nation. An example of this objective was published online today from a Muslim Canadian sight entitled How To Make America An Islamic Nation:
    In past columns I have raised complaints or alarm bells at the state of some segment of the Muslim community. Now I'm going to offer three suggestions for how we can turn the situation around and become the dominant social and cultural force in a country that needs Islam more than another pop-star, beer-brand or psychic network.
    Al Qaeda urges Americans to convert to Islam (before it's too late). You might be in a situation like the two Fox News reports, held with guns to their heads until they spoke how they accepted Islam as their religion.

    I believe Jeb needs to brush up on who the enemy of our country really is, then take the post 9/11 quiz. Some definitions from the quiz published today:
    Infidels/Kafirs - Anyone who is not a Muslim.

    Sharia - This is the set of Islamic legal principles and traditions that our enemies seek to impose on us. It's a path that leads inexorably to the subjugation of women, stoning of adulterers, "honor killings" of rape victims, bans on beauty pageants, cinema and the viewing of soccer matches, death threats against authors, filmmakers, cartoonists and apostates who renounce Islam, and calls for beheadings of all who insult their faith.

    Caliphate - A Muslim world government ruled according to sharia. It is what American al-Qaida Adam Gadahn envisions in his latest "Convert or die" propaganda video when he asserts, "Islam is the only religion acceptable to God," and "God recognizes no separation between religion and state." It is the dream not just of Osama bin Laden, but of Islamic imperialists throughout history.

    Taqiyya - Religious deception. Jihadists are taught in al-Qaida training manuals to lie. To fabricate tales about how their captors treat them (see Gitmo). To lie in claiming "There is no compulsion in religion" while forcing conversions at gunpoint.

    Dhimmitude - The official state of inferiority of non-Muslims under Islam; the bowing and scraping of vanquished infidels to their intellectual and military conquerors. You see it in the refusal to profile at the airport, limit immigration from terrorist-enabling countries and shut down Saudi pilot training programs - even to this day - for fear of hurting feelings.
    As for JustaDog - I will NEVER submit!

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