Monday, September 11, 2006

    The Next Terrorist Attack

    What do I know about the next major terrorist attacks? Actually, I know more than you might think. I know exactly what group in the world will be responsible. I know why they will cause the deaths of many. I know they will have help - directly and indirectly - from groups that wish harm to the USA.

    Just after Bill Clinton was elected president in 1993, an attempt to destroy the World Trade Center proved deadly, yet failed to down the towers. After an intense investigation a number of Muslims with connections to al-Qaeda were found guilty.

    The Clinton administration had a chance to interrogate these terrorists - to the very extreme - to gather intelligence and to protect our country, but they chose not to. These terrorists were treated like ordinary criminals - as if they just shot someone in a drive-by shooting. Convicted to a confined safe living environment with food for life, free medical care, free Korans, etc. Since 1993 many terrorist attacks have taken place, and have grown in frequency and results.

    After 9/11 President Bush went on the offensive - the first time in the history of the USA a president went on the offensive against terrorists. Although many of the enemy have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, they have been like tails being cut from a lizard. This is a lizard with many heads - and the heads have yet to be dismembered from the body for fear of public opinion. These heads are known - their identity is no secret, and as long as they exist they will continue to replenish the tails.

    For decades groups like the ACLU have pushed hard to remove all evidence of Christianity from the public, using our own laws. This is no coincidence - just part of the big plan to allow Islam to become more dominate. We are constantly inundated with media reports that Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance. Our law enforcement is becoming saturated by groups like CAIR that Muslims are special and need special attention and consideration. They have become so blinded that many individual terrorist attacks in the USA are being classified as anything but what they really are.

    • Who will attack the USA and/or our interests? Muslims.
    • Why will Muslims kill Americans? We have refused to submit.
    • Why do Muslims suceed? Too many refuse to acknowledge the real enemy as well as the non-Muslim groups that help shield them.
    • Where will Muslims attack? Where we think we are safe.
    • When will Muslims attack? People are constantly attacked by Muslims around the world. People will be killed today by Muslims. People will be killed tomorrow by Muslims. The world is being told there is no Muslim link.
    • What can be done? The heads of the beast must be destroyed. People around the world need to face the facts of Islam instead of worrying about offending these murderers and giving them special considerations. Their advancement into our government ranks must stop.
    • Why are more terrorist groups springing up? Because the heads of the beast remain and all the world is afraid to dismember them.
    • What will happen after the next major attack? Muslims will cheer. CAIR will make sure Islam is not the focus (damage control) and label whoever does as racist. Liberals will make sure we gather even less intelligence.
    Where might be the safest place in America? CAIR headquarters.

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