Monday, September 18, 2006

    Of Space, The Pope, And Evil Dopes

    First, my congratulations to the first female space tourist into space, Anousheh Ansari. Anousheh also happens to be an American, Iranian by birth. Her parents fled Iran to get away from the tyranny that even now prevails.

    Anousheh couldn't speak English when she immigrated legally to America, so she taught herself. She worked hard in school, didn't turn to a life of government reliance (as the illegal aliens and many liberals do), and reached her goals. Had she stayed in Iran her dreams would remain just dreams.

    As an American I am proud of her accomplishments. Iranians should be proud of her as well, and know their dreams can be realized too. They don't have to come to America to have the same freedom Anousheh enjoys, but can turn Iran into a free country - where all those that desire to achieve can be free to.

    How? It's simple to say but will take careful coordination. Women can hide guns under their burkas and at a secret time, kill all of those that oppress them - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the oppressive Muslim clerics, the "morality police", etc. Eliminate enough and the rest will run and hide like frightened little pigs. Then use the explosives they use to kill innocent people and blow up the buildings they hide in. Good luck!
    Anyone notice in the latest Papal vs. Muslim controversy that no one has questioned whether what the Pope read from history is true or false - or even applicable to today? Is Islam still a violent and dangerous "religion"?
    "Ironically, the violent reaction, and the calls for more violence, on the part of some Muslims underscores the pope's point," said Catholic League President Bill Donohue.

    "The response of violence to non-violence is barbaric."
    No one seems to be asking that simple question of the religion of peace - in light of:
    Meanwhile Fox has offered the Pope his own show - cool. I'm not Catholic, but I do respect the right of the Pope to say what he wants and hopes he doesn't cave in to the Muslim threats. I've always have said there is a religious war going on - still don't believe it?

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