Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    Today's Fool - Ron Gettelfinger

    Ron Gettelfinger is the president, the chief, the boss, the leader, the top dog, the executive, the capo, the don, the grand dragon, the head honcho - of the United Auto Workers union, aka, The Mob.

    So how does this boss Gettelfinger get to be today's fool? Actually, he's a fulltime Mafioso that recently tried his extortionist attempts on President Bush.

    Unions confine their slave laborers and force anyone that wants to work in a business to become a union slave, pay their dues (kickback) or face termination, and use these funds to elect their puppets (most all are Democrats).

    From UAW head blasts Bush's "Idol" worship, DETROIT (Reuters), Sept. 12, 2006:
    The president of the United Auto Workers union on Tuesday said U.S. President George W. Bush's failure to address the challenges facing the nation's domestic automakers would come back to haunt his Republican Party in the fall elections.

    UAW chief Ron Gettelfinger said he believed Bush's decision to postpone a meeting with auto executives until after the November elections -- despite being in Michigan recently at a fund-raiser for the Republican challenger to incumbent Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow -- was an example of the president putting party politics above national economics.

    The union has historically supported Democratic political candidates.
    The article goes on to mention how Bush made time to meet with one of the American Idol (a lame TV show) people, attend a fund raiser, yet had no time for the Union bosses.

    Ronnie, the federal government is not (should not be) responsible for the private industry (auto makers) that unions have a strong hold over. Any financial problems with the auto industry can be traced back to the extortionistic demands of your union.

    You made your bed - sleep in it. Also know that when my Toyota gets replaced I will buy another Toyota!

    BTW, I see gas prices have been falling fast. Democrats are unhappy. Any connection? Democrats are happy when people are oppressed. Oh well, like I care about them? Not! Since they blame Bush when gas prices go up, I guess he's to blame when they fall too. Thanks President Bush!

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