Wednesday, October 04, 2006

    20 Reasons To Vote Democrat

    1. You are fed up with the record Dow Jones Average!
    2. You are fed up with the low unemployment rate and lowering gas prices!
    3. You believe government isn't big enough!
    4. You want Wal-Mart destroyed!
    5. You believe public schools should have an endless supply of money!
    6. You hate Bush!
    7. You hate Christians!
    8. You hate Capitalism, love socialism!
    9. You hate the death penalty!
    10. You hate!
    11. You believe it's wrong to listen in on terrorists!
    12. You are a card-carrying ACLU member!
    13. You believe Bush planted a bomb on the New Orleans dike!
    14. You believe it was really Bush that destroyed the World Trade Center!
    15. You believe the virtual infactuations of Mark Foley was worse than Bill Clinton’s last minute pardon of former Rep. Mel Reynolds, D-IL, who had been imprisoned for having sex with a 16-year-old staffer. (He was later hired by Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH Coalition; both Clinton and Jackson had also had sex with subordinates.) or the case of Rep. Barney Frank, D-MA, whose office housed a prostitution ring (could quote many more Democrat real sex scandels)!
    16. You are against Voter ID and favor anyone voting - felons (like Hillary does), illegal aliens, dead people, people voting more than once, etc.!
    17. You promote teaching little children the joys of homosexuality in public schools!
    18. You favor same sex marriage, marriage with animals, marriage with whoever or whatever!
    19. You believe it is Bush beheading innocent people and not Muslims!
    20. You believe people should be paying much more in taxes than they are now!

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