Monday, October 09, 2006

    Another Terrorist Entity: Thanks Democrats!

    We know Muslim terrorists thank Democrats for not taking an offensive against them. We know these same enemies of the free world thanked the Democrats for allowing them to train how to fly jets - training that took place on USA soil.

    Now North Korea's Kim II-sung thanks Democrats for that $4.6 BILLION bribe that the Communists used to build two nuclear reactors - used in creating their current nuclear arsenal.

    North Korea is feverishly working on long range missiles - to carry their new-found nuclear weapons. If they don't use them directly they will sell them to terrorists that will have no problem doing so. North Korea has sold every military arm it has made in the past - for a buck (or whatever they use there for currency).

    So let's say missiles come this way. How well are we protected? If Democrats get control of our government, will they protect our country?

    Two decades after President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative, ridiculed as "Star Wars" by Senator Ted Kennedy within hours of its inception, the goal of a comprehensive, integrated and reliable American missile defense system remains more of a hope than a reality.

    Democrat President Lynden Johnson proposed the Sentinel interceptor system in 1967 but lacked the will to see the project through, then did a cut-and-run amidst criticism.

    Democrat President Clinton slashed spending on missile defense by half (from $2 Billion to $1 Billion), and assailed its legitimacy by declaring the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty -- signed with the defunct Soviet Union and banning a significant missile defense system -- "a cornerstone of strategic stability,"

    Democrat President Clinton, in the run-up to the 1996 election, promised a missile defense system by 2000, with deployment by 2005. It was just another Democrat lie to counter Republican's platform in the House - part of the "Contract with America".

    If you like the thought of radioactive dust inhaled into your lungs and the lungs of your children, radioactive contamination in your produce and water - all providing your city is not the chosen one to be hit - then vote Democrat.

    Democrats - the party of lies, the party of Cut-And-Run (CAR) on defense and on security.

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