Thursday, October 19, 2006

    The Face Of The New Democrats

    Lynne Steward - enemy and traitor to some, freedom fighter and heroine to others. Yes, she even admitted to helping terrorists, at least those that most Americans classify as terrorists.

    In addition to admitting to helping Islamic terrorists, Lynne Steward is a socialist, and considered an icon to the socialist causes and frequently mentioned on socialist websites such as

    This socialist is also a Democrat. The Democrat party easily accommodates the philosophy of Lynne Steward - something the Republican party can not do.

    The federal judge, John Koeltl, that handed down the microbial sentence (just months, not decades) for Lynne Steward, sympathizes with Lynne Steward and her radical causes. Judge John Koeltl is a Democrat, appointed by Democrat Bill Clinton (that same guy that let terrorists train on USA soil, did nothing when our USS Cole was attacked, entertained terrorist leaders in the White House, used a Islamic terrorist to helpe write his "Religious Expression in Public Schools" guidelines, etc.)
    Lynne Stewart is the radical leftist lawyer who defended Rahman in 1995 and continued to serve as one of his attorneys thereafter. During the trial she argued the sheikh was not a terrorist but a venerable Islamic scholar who was not responsible for the actions of his followers and shouldn't be punished "for his outspoken ideas."
    This is what the new Democrat party embraces. We have all seen how they have a love affair with the very entities that desire to bring down our democracy as we know it. Democrats have gone out of their way to protect these people, to make sure they are treated better than any American citizen is treated.

    Democrats have pushed for terrorists to have rights as if they are American citizens - at taxpayer expense. The Democrat party, along with their media arms, have manipulated reality away from the terrorists being the enemy, to President Bush being the enemy. They are so effective at their illusion that many with simple minds believe their lies and diversions. Sort of like while North Korea is threatening the world with nuclear war, Democrat Larry King was diverting attention by interviewing a sex pervert - a favorite theme with Democrats, and an easy lure for the simple-minded.

    Now these are the mentally unbalanced that want to control the future of our country. Yeah, right.

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