Friday, October 20, 2006

    Governor Kulongoski - The Obvious Choice!

    I hope my conservative friends don't attack me on this post. In all fairness I do find that Governor Kulongoski is often the right choice. For example:

    Illegal Aliens: Kulongoski can proudly state that Oregon is 1 of the 5 states that allows anyone to obtain a driver's license without proof of citizenship. If re-elected, Kulongoski pledges to continue this openness to the illegals. If you agree with this, then Kulongoski is the obvious choice!

    Public Schools: As a major union puppet Kulongoski will continue to push for more money for the unionized government schools. (Check his endorsement page - practically 100% union organizations, a whos-who of extortion groups) He will continue to fight against charter schools and schools vouchers - choices for parents to improve their child's education over the dismal Oregon public school system. If you want the fat union government-controlled public schools to stay on their present course, then Kulongoski is the obvious choice!

    Environment: Being the anti-business governor that he is, Kulongoski will continue to keep new business from coming into Oregon and employing Oregon residents. He sees this as helping the environment. He has also linked up with former VP and internet creator Alberto Gore. Suddenly Kulongoski believes in global warming. I wonder if ABC will conduct their poll in winter - asking people if global warming is affecting them - like they did in the heat of summer. If you believe in Kulongoski's environmental methology, then Kulongoski is the obvious choice!

    Social Programs: Kulongoski has helped increase social programs in Oregon to record levels. So much money goes out to the illegal aliens (with Oregon driver's licenses) and non-Oregon residents that it has crippled funding for public safety sectors like law enforcement, correctional facilities, fire departments, etc. Don't take my word for it - visit the local public assistance center near you and you will think you stepped into Mexico. Good luck finding any English. If you want social handouts to continue, then Kulongoski is the obvious choice!

    Taxes: Kulongoski always wants to raise taxes. He also wants to keep the excess taxes already collected and not return them to the taxpayer. His social programs cost money. His union-directed stance on funding the worthless public school system costs money. His lack of putting the true citizens and taxpayers of Oregon first when it comes to our protection will require he get more taxes - yeah, protection is a lower priority than giving money out to illegal Mexicans. If you feel you need to pay more taxes, then Kulongoski is the obvious choice!

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