Friday, October 13, 2006

    Japan Has The Right Idea

    Don't look for the UN to do anything of substance against North Korea. It is in the interest of countries like Russia and China that hate the USA and her allies to do as little as possible against this terrorist state's nuclear program.

    Japan knows how the UN operates - NOT in the interest of democracy and freedom. The UN has a record of corruption, aiding terrorist states and groups, and all sorts of very bad actions. Remember, it's the Democrats that are the BIG supporters of empowering the UN to control even the USA.

    Japan is working on their own sanctions to protect their country - and rightly so. Does anyone in their right mind think the UN cares about Japan? Of course, President: Kim Il Sung, North Korea's poster child for retardation, doesn't care for Japan's sactions:
    Japan, arguing that Pyongyang's nuclear weapons pose a direct threat to its safety, is expected to formally approve additional sanctions today, including banning imports from the impoverished communist state and blocking North Korean ships from entering Japanese ports.

    Just as I predicted earlier this year, Air America has filed for bankruptcy protection. Oh my - where are all of those anti-American liberals with their donations? Guess they all went to Wal-Mart!

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