Wednesday, November 01, 2006

    Ignoring The Obvious

    The article's title is clear and direct - Skyrocketing Health Insurance Costs. The average total health care premium in Oregon is now over $1,000 per month.
    PORTLAND - A new study says health care premiums in Oregon have risen nearly six times faster than earnings since 2000.

    The consumer health groups "Families USA" found that health care premiums for insurance provided through an employer rose 82 percent during the six-year period. By comparison, median earnings rose just 14-percent in Oregon.
    Some blame Bush. Some blame big business. Some blame the rich (whatever "rich" means), and many will point the finger everywhere except the obvious - ignoring the truth right in front of them.

    The continued growth of illegal Mexicans into Oregon is costing Oregonians a lot of money - and health insurance premiums are no exception. Yes, not only does our Democrat Governor allow this - Democrat Governor Ted Kulongoski encourages this invasion.

    The most common practice for an illegal alien and their bambinos to get "free" health care is simply walk into the ER doors - usually exaggerate their condition. They will receive medical care, drugs, perhaps some items for them to leave with, and if they really do a con job they will be admitted to a nice clean bed, food, and TV.

    To the illegal Mexican Oregon offers them free medical care - thanks to the Democrat leadership of this Blue State, thanks to Democrats. This might surprise conservative Democrats who haven't realized the Democrat party has morphed into The New Democrat Party - more socialist than ever.

    So who pays for the hundreds of millions of dollars the hospitals and care centers have to absorb? You do. I do. Someone has to pay for the free ride of Democrat Governor Ted's illegals.

    This isn't confined to Oregon. It's been a growing problem in California - where illegals suck billions of dollars from the taxpayer just for medical costs. Some states are enacting their own measures to keep illegals from renting, fining business for hiring illegals, etc.

    As long as Democrats rule Oregon, steps like those will never happen here - not with the New Democrat Party in power. So next time you see a group of Mexicans hanging around speaking Spanish think of Democrat Ted Kulongoskis - and your wallet or purse.

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