Tuesday, October 31, 2006

    Everything According To Plan

    The Muslim terrorists are happy - everything is going as planned. Their propaganda campaign to discredit the attacks against them has had good results. They have been unable to effect change in the offensive that America has spearheaded, so their only other weapon has been manipulation of the American voters.

    They effected change in Spain, and forced a government change that resulted in all of Spain's troops to be withdrawn from Iraq. Now they have targeted the American voter. They know if they can get Democrats in control they will win - and all of the investment of effort and those that have fought against the terrorists will have been in vain.

    Our local newspaper - a Democrat rag - had as a front page headline the total number of troops (Americans) killed in Iraq so far in about 3.5 years:: 2,816. Any war is deadly, and when those that fight for right are killed it is a horrible loss. The problem is Democrats feel that the terrorists are not the enemy, and along with the majority of mass media, have helped the enemy with their propaganda campaign.

    Such help comes not only in what their media machines choose for Americans to hear, but with people in high places releasing government classified information - something that use to called treason in our earlier years, but considered simple politics by the New Democrat Party.

    The Democrats and their media don't want people to remember how many thousands were killed in 1 day on 9/11: 2,996.

    While we should never forget even 1 serviceman that gives their life or limbs I also have a problem with the Democrat media hiding from the American people the carnage the Muslim enemy continues to wage around the world: over 6,300 since 9/11 - far more than servicemen lost in Iraq, yet Democrats hide this from the American people.

    Have you heard CNN's Wolf Blitzer show concern when Muslims went on a rampage against Christian students at a local college in Nigeria, killing twenty and injuring over fifty? Nope - better to bash American and our core values.

    Have you heard CBS News report on the Muslim separatists that killed a Buddhist construction worker, a police officer, two agricultural workers, and one other civilian in Thailand? Nope - better to attack conservatives.

    Have you become a puppet attached to the strings of the Islamic propaganda machine?

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