Wednesday, November 08, 2006

    Just A Min - Let Me Swallow My PMS Pills

    Democrats might be in for a sad surprise with their win of the House. It won't be orgies in the streets. It won't be a nation with males marrying males or females marrying females or whatever. It won't be a nation with "free" health coverage. It won't be a nation with Christianity wiped out.

    Nancy Pelosi stated that Democrats won the House because America trusts Democrats more than Republicans. I disagree with her illusion. Democrats won the House because Americans were pissed how liberal the Republicans have been for the past 6 years.

    I defended the fight in Iraq only as it killed the terrorists, but I couldn't understand why the USA and allies were not going after the real terror threat - Iran. They supply the money and weapons and motivation, not the little turban heads in Iraq. How the Democrats choose to deal with terrorism remains to be seen. Personally I think we have given enough American lives to the Iraqis, and it's time they fight for the freedom that our troops have allowed them to taste. Americans fought for our freedom without any help and we finally won. If people want freedom they will fight for it. Besides, if terrorists do turn Iraq into a terrorist country it will be easier to nuke than fight in the streets - assuming there is anyone with guts left in DC.

    I am disappointed that illegal aliens will most likely get a free pass, thanks to Democrats and the President. I am also disappointed that Republicans drifted from the conservative core and was party to extremely heavy handouts - in the order of Billions of dollars - especially to the Katrina Socialism Project.

    The New Democrat Party is more socialistic than ever before - so expect higher taxes to pay for their socialistic handout programs and give-away efforts to other countries and the UN. The amount of damage they do will determine which party will take the white house in two years.

    The most interesting part of the election was Joe Lieberman's election as an Independent. Dis'd by Democrats on numerous occasions Joe represents a conservative aspect of Democrats and a desire to do whatever it takes to protect the USA - both of which have no place in the New Democrat Party.

    The real sadness was Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski's reelection. Four more years of labor union's control, four more years of illegal aliens gushing into Oregon getting driver's licenses and voter registrations, and four more years of social handouts increasing. Ted - the do-nothing governor. Barf.

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