Monday, November 06, 2006

    The New Democrats - Love Of Evil

    So what's with the New Democrat Party? We all know their propensity for bigger government but is America fully aware of their love and support for terrorists?

    Their true colors (dull grey) show when the sentence of Saddam Hussein and a couple of his cohorts was delivered this past weekend - Death by hanging for crimes against humanity.

    This was another historic moment - a free Iraq exercised their new found freedom. All that the New Democrats have predicted will fail - have not. It has been a difficult transition for Iraq with the terrorists and the ND's against them.

    The ND's are fighting hard because they chose to take a stand against fighting an offensive against those that want to kill us - and kill our nation. I remember in 2003 when Democrat Sean Penn visited Iraq, later taking a full-page ad out in the Democrat-controlled New York Times to denounce the USA and pump-up the terrorists.

    Then you had Democrat Ramsey Clark running as fast as he could to Iraq to defend Saddam - something that made global news especially with the terrorists. Democrats have protected terrorists. Democrats cuddle those that still plot to destroy us.

    Then you have a couple of days ago - did Democrats share in the happiness of justice in Iraq? Noway! The Democrat's tactics are to undermine the new-found freedom that Iraq is trying to hold on to. Instead they choose to keep the focus on bombings and not the thousands of good reports. The Democrats keep attempting to brainwash Americans repeating words like "failed", "civil war", and have even said that Iraqis were better off under Saddam.

    Now you have the Democrat New York Times calling for Saddam's execution to be deferred because he didn't receive "full justice". This is not surprising - they loved Saddam, and they think terrorists are simple freedom fighters. Democrats are even welcoming terrorist-linked Muslims into their ranks.

    It would be rosy if we never had any casualties in a war, but freedom is not cheap, nor can you ever believe what Democrats believe - that the UN will bring world peace - they are a big part of the global problem!

    We have more people murdered in our own country in 1 year (and liberal judges giving out light sentences) than all the deaths of US troops in the entire war in Iraq. If you think nothing good happens in Iraq visit the Official Website of Multi-National Force - Iraq. Subscribe to their free newsletter. You will get lots of emails in your inbox with the reality of what goes on there - stories CBS, CNN, NBC, ABC, and the other Democrat media choose to censor from the American people.

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