Thursday, December 07, 2006

    Progress For America?

    A day that will live in infamy. It was a time before I was born yet a time that will never be forgotten. It was a day when Japan became an enemy of the United States, and our nation, for the most part, was untied against an enemy that would eventually include other regimes. Our nation was united to win. Hollywood pitched in to pump up Americans that we could win. United, America did win.

    How things have changed. Politicians have evolved - now with fuzzy minds - unable to recognize the enemy. Hollywood celebrities have no problem giving the enemy comfort and encouragement - from Jane "Hanoi" Fonda to Sean Penn and everyone in-between. What use to be considered treason in a time of war has been reclassified as one's right to protest or freedom of expression - even when it aids and encourages the enemy.

    How things have changed. From a past time of boldly identifying the enemy, to the present of being fearful we might offend the enemy if we directly identify them.

    How things have changed. America use to give authority to seasoned military leaders. Now, media moguls, chair-bound university professors, and naive students determine a country's victory or defeat. America's leaders use to govern by the constitution and the counsel within the walls of Congress - now traded for a vote within a corrupt and socialistic United Nations.

    So now delusional demented old timers put in their thoughts on how a war should be stopped - no concern about long term effects, heck, they will all be dead by then. Work with the enemy nations that are funding and supplying the murdering Islamic terrorists - that's their "advise". And a new Secretary of Defense who can't identify the enemy without fear - choosing to call the militant Muslims as indigenous radicals.

    America's leadership has regressed to cowardism and defeatism.

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