Wednesday, December 13, 2006

    Union Bosses Want Your Money Too!

    If the union bosses gets their way - and they might with so many of their bitches about to take control next month - employees that are not union members will be forced to pay up.

    This is punishment to be imposed upon non-union workers simply because they aren't paying those extortionist union dues. Quaintly called a fair share fee it will first be considered for Iowa - spearheaded by Democrat (of course) House Speaker-select Pat Murphy. Their house GOP leader, Christopher Rants, has issues with this punishment tax:
    Rants took issue with a proposed "fair share" fee being considered for non-union workers who benefit from a work agreement but pay no dues to labor organizations that negotiated contracts under Iowa's right to work law. That was another issue not discussed during the 2006 election campaign, Rants said, and is a place where Republicans will "draw the line" on bipartisanship next session.
    Once it passes in Iowa, expect all non-union workers to receive their proper punishment - thanks to the Democrats - on - a - union - rope politicians.
    Meanwhile, union bosses are whining about Immigration enforcement removing illegal workers in various meat packing plants. Why would union bosses want illegal aliens to stay? Because they pay the union bosses with their union "dues".

    Expect supreme Democrat - on - the - union's - payroll bitch Pelosi to make sure such roundups don't happen in the future. You know Pelosi - the same that opposed a House immigration bill that would have made being in the USA illegally a felony.

    Your future Democrat leaders at work.

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