Thursday, December 21, 2006

    Yet More Worthy Causes

    Pick your path - the right way or the wrong way. Support the law or support lawlessness. Take a stand for liberty or submit to big government oppression. Allow a "religion" that advocates global domination to control America or take a stand.

    Here are some more worthy causes to support:

    Oregonians For Immigration Reform - helps alert those in Oregon and nationally to the true impact of the illegal invasion and who is doing what to stop it (or doing nothing).

    Americans Against Hate - you might be surprised who the real haters are. There is a difference between taking a stand for what is right and out right hate. Find out what politicians are supporting the hate mongers too!

    The Religion Of Peace - while wimpy politicians are trading votes for our country and companies submitting to Islam's demands instead of facing a possible lawsuit this site rocks! Get the facts about Muslims killing innocent people - in the name of Allah (over 450 just this week). I keep their scoreboard in the upper-right of this site.

    Anti-CAIR - have you been fooled by CAIR? You know, the public relations strong arm of the radical Muslims? CAIR is the organization that will sue you if you stand up against the Muslim invasion - the legal representation and advisors for Jihadists in the USA. Anti-CAIR presents documented facts you'll never find at the CAIR site. A recent one was the terrorist and cop killer that escaped wearing a Muslim veil - you know, one of those veils that hides the identity - the same that CAIR demands everyone allow so the true identity of the person under the veil remains hidden.

    National Right To Work Committee - documents and tracks the extortionist unions. Workers have rights, but not according to unions. In the eye of the union mafia the workers has no rights - only two obligations (1) keep working only what you are required to work and nothing more, and (2) pay your union dues or else. With the union puppet Ted Kennedy about to take control over the labor committee in the Senate just watch the "Legislation" link pile up with pro-union crappola.

    The Rutherford Institute - a civil liberties organization that provides free legal services to people whose true constitutional and human rights have been threatened or violated. Not to be confused with the ACLU with their socialist agenda to destroy our constitution and way of life.

    Even if you don't donate most all of these sites offer free newsletters. Be informed. Stay informed.

    Knowledge is power!

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