Monday, December 11, 2006

    Read My Four Fat Fingers

    For many years labor union bosses have wanted one of their puppets high enough in government to make changes to the laws of our land - changes that would increase the power and control of the always corrupt labor machine.

    Well now their most devoted bitch is in the very slot they have longed dreamed of. Come 2007 Edward Kennedy, long time union bitch, will take over the Senate Labor Committee.

    For decades unions have put and kept Teddy Kennedy into office - protecting him and pumping money and influence into getting Kennedy into such a post. Of all of the possible committees do you think it is coincidence that the biggest politician on the union payrolls got this labor committee position?

    The government control over the citizens is about to become more controlling that ever before. It is the mandate of liberal Democrats - the Democrats that are about to control Congress. It is within their genetic make-up to make government BIG - just watch and they will prove me right.

    Two top items (of many) on the union's agenda:

    1 - Use the power of the government to force companies to pay bigger wages, irregardless of skill levels. Union contracts are tied to federal minimum wage so when the minimum wage goes up the union contracts will all increase.

    2 - Empower the government to force more union-free companies to become unionized (and thus take away rights of companies to protect their interests).

    Hundreds of millions of dollars pour from union coffers into the hands of liberal Democrat politicians - whether union workers want those candidates or not - they have no choice.

    You can bet Edward Kennedy gets a tidy bundle and now it's payback time. "On your knees bitch and do our bidding!"

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