Tuesday, January 02, 2007

    Starting To Be A Great Year

    What a contrast. A fallen American Statesman vs. a fallen evil dictator. One an honored and respected leader, the other a disgraced butcher of humanity.

    I actually got an email from a liberal organization called Counter Currents where they actually see Saddam as a Martyr of Imperialist Resistance. How sick have people become to see the Butcher of Baghdad as a Martyr? And you wonder why I have anything against these liberals?

    President Bush is feeling more charitable - with the hard earned money of the American taxpayer. Wouldn't it be nice if you could give $3 BILLION to your favorite charity, then go door-to-door and order people to pay up, even though they had no choice in your decision?

    Three billion - $3,000,000,000 - each year is what you and I will be giving Africa under the disguise of humanitarian and development aid. Over the decades trillions have gone into this bottomless pit, and nothing has changed. People keep pumping out babies they can't afford, UN forces are still there raping and pillaging, and Muslim terrorists continue to rape and murder in the name of Allah.

    Knowledge is power and the only reality that will turn Africa around is education. If such aid has to be provided focus on education of the children - not the corrupt governments or causes that return nothing.

    I've wondered what would people around the world do on the first day of a new year if a global reset took place. What if all debt was wiped out? What if all hostilities were to end?

    Would people run out with their new no-balance credit cards and start charging all over again?

    Who would draw first blood? I say it would be Muslim terrorists somewhere (they've murdered over 7,000 since 9/11), or an illegal alien killing a national for money or in the course of a rape perhaps.

    We might be created equal, but after birth people go their own wacky ways.

    Congratulations to Boise State for winning the Fiesta Bowl - an awesome football game yesterday. We watched it and were hoping Boise would win. The OK Sooners didn't deserve to win, especially after their childish behavior when they lost to the Oregon Ducks last year, and University of Oklahoma president David Boren wanted the Duck game wiped from the record books.

    I wonder if that wimpy whiner Boren will protest the Boise game as well.

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