Thursday, January 04, 2007

    Natzi Pelosi On Steroids

    I'm the most powerful woman in America

    I'm the most powerful woman in America
    I'm the most powerful woman in America

    Thus declared the new speaker of the house, Natzi Pelosi - as she winked at AFL-CIO President John Sweeney. Sweeney was more than just one of the VIP guests, he - as Boss of the largest union family, owns Natzi Pelosi and the other Democrat liberals.

    The AFL-CIO socialist federation spent a record $40 million on Democrats' behalf in the November 2006 election - and that was just from one of the Union crime families. In total all of the Union Bosses put up close to $250 MILLION to install their puppets into power.

    Now, it's time Unions get something back on their investment.

    Bigger government control over wages
    Bigger government control over labor
    Bigger government push against school vouchers and charter schools
    Bigger government legislation to empower unions to more easily creep into businesses
    Bigger government manipulation of business practices
    Bigger government protection for labor (and against business)
    Bigger government control of the health care industry
    Bigger government protection of unionized government workers
    Bigger government handouts
    Bigger government taxes
    Bigger government protection of terrorists, even compensating them
    Bigger government control over freedoms
    Bigger government to support the socialist infrastructure
    Bigger government support of homosexuality
    Bigger government suppression of conservative rights groups
    Bigger government

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