Monday, January 22, 2007

    We Need More Immigrants

    Yesterday a portion of CBS's Sunday Morning was devoted to an up-and-coming piano artist, singer, and song writer - Regina Spektor. Regina was born in Russia to parents that were both musicians. She was taught by her parents and excels on the piano.

    When Regina was 9, perestroika made it possible for her family to come to America - legally. Now, she's one of America's most critically acclaimed young singer-songwriters (and of course, accomplished piano artisans). Miss Spektor and her parents are producers - giving worth to America.

    My grandfather brought his family to America - legally. He was processed through Ellis Island and settled in Chicago. Never any handouts, no dependency on the American taxpayer. He and his family were producers, as well as all of his offspring - giving worth to America.

    We need more immigrants that add to the talent pool - that create, produce, invent, etc. Our space program had its early beginnings thanks to immigrants. When we have legal immigrants with talents (including the talent to be self-driven) we become a stronger country.

    Unfortunately we have around 15 million illegal aliens with more flowing into our country like a sewage pipe that has busted and is spewing its contents. For the greatest majority there is absolutely no worth or value added to America - only a burden to those that honor the law.

    Any wonder so many jobs go to more qualified people outside our country? Any wonder taxes for social services continue to grow? Any wonder why the intellectual line of Americans is lower than in the past?

    It's quality that matters, not quantity. It's lawfulness that matters, not illegality.

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