Saturday, January 13, 2007

    Dear Dr. Martin Luther King: 2 of 2

    Well the count down is closing in to your day of observance Dr. King. Back when you were alive I bet you never would have expected Hispanics to displace the black population in the USA. They are like wild locus swarming into our dear country, infesting our economy and taking jobs from everyone - including blacks.

    This infestation knows no bounds. Most all are criminals since they have illegally come into our country - yet they are treated better than black American citizens. They have no concept of personal responsibilities and just keep impregnating each other over and over. 55% of these new Mexican mothers are not even high school graduates - so of course they will be sucking social services that once were used to help blacks that deserved to live in the USA.

    Mexicans have a lower IQ than blacks and whites, with Mexicans dropping out of school at a rate 30% higher than blacks - yet there is great inequality in our country. This infestation is leaching the majority of social services, and they are here illegally.

    Add to the above the very poor hygiene habits of Mexicans that come to the USA - basically non-existent. Americans across the country have suffered direct and economic problems because of these illegals using the fields of spinach and other produce as their open air toilet. Brain worms that can be fatal are being spread by these illegal third world aliens - yet they are raping our nation of our resources that should be going to our legal population.

    Then the Democrats - yes, that group that voices support for your ideals yet tears down every pillar that you stood for. Just the other day it was made know their first order of the day in the new (Democrat controlled) Senate is to penalize Pro-Family groups.

    Liberals in the government controlled public school systems have routinely tried to limit or totally stop access by Christian groups - groups that provide direction, hope, encouragement, moral standards. Rest assured, we are fighting harder against these Democrats.

    Perhaps you somehow saw Natzi Pelosi with children around her as she was being enthroned the other day. What hypocrisy, and I'm sure you'd agree. Remember repeating those words We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal? Well behold the party that holds little children as something less than trash - to throw into a can and dump with the trash. A child of liberal parents should count themselves lucky their mother didn't get up on the wrong side of the bed or get indigestion. They would have been aborted - dumped - trashed.

    You see how Natzi Pelosi uses children as political props - nothing more.

    God Bless you, Dr. Martin Luther King.

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