Wednesday, January 24, 2007

    Windows Vista - Just Say NO!

    My newest system is a Intel multi-core super fast RAID loaded blaa blaa with XP Professional. I do Linux as well, but most of my work is targeted for Windows-based systems. I can get a free copy of Windows Vista Pro Business - but I won't be installing it. I might ask for them to deliver it and sell it unopened on EBay - not decided yet.

    To me an operating system exists to support applications. Microsoft has had constant problems with very poor security leaving the consumer with systems vulnerable to security threats, viruses, etc. Now consumers are being told the same old crap - that in order to realize a more secure environment you need to upgrade to Vista. Don't believe it.

    Vista is just as buggy. Heck, before Microsoft has even started to deliver Vista to the consumer they have already released a major service pack!

    Lots of Vista support services are springing up - and most people that try to upgrade/install Vista will need it!

    Vista is not friendly to existing systems. If you think you need Vista and have a computer older than about 6 months there's a good chance something won't work after you install it. Rots o ruck!

    Vista is suppose to entice the consumer with pseudo 3-D window displays and microscopic views of windows as you move the mouse cursor over application buttons that are on the task bar. To me this is all worthless graphics that just steal computer and display cycles and contributes nothing to productivity.

    In the Feb. 2007 issue of PCWorld performance tests on Vista on various systems (Dell, ABS, Micro Express, etc.) representing both single and dual core processors showed Vista to be anywhere from 5% - 31% slower than XP in 5 of 6 group tests.

    Microsoft Vista won't be going on this system!

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