Thursday, January 25, 2007

    Same Old Democrap

    Is there nothing new? Seems like across the country it's the same old theme - Democrats are pushing for BIGGER government, Republicans want smaller government. Democrats want MORE government control; Republicans want more choices in the hands of the individual. Consider:

    Minimum wage - by analogy Democrats support handing out a fish while Republicans would rather teach people how to fish on their own and catch as many as they want. The underlying reality is Democrats want MORE government manipulation and control of the workforce. Democrats don't have the interests of individual freedoms as a priority.

    Education - In Bush's State of the Union address the push for school vouchers was made. Democrats oppose this because it would mean more freedom for parents and goes against their desire for BIGGER government. Vouchers also are a threat to their union sponsors (yeah, unions control Democrats if you don't already know that). Republicans want less government control and are pro-parent choice. Democrats don't have the interests of individual freedoms as a priority.

    Murder - Even as a child is being delivered Democrats say murder (late-term abortion) is ok - that a mother has some sort of judicial right to kill that child. While I am ok with extremely early abortion in the case of rape, incest, or other criminal activity I find it sick that Democrats promote late-term abortion - murder. And Natzi Pelosi had the nerve to be surrounded by children during her coronation - what hypocrisy! Democrats also are the party that opposes the death penalty. What is it with murder that appeals to Democrats? Democrats don't have the interests of children as a priority.

    Failure - Have you ever heard a Democrat express their plan to protect America from terrorists (they rather protect and cuddle them)? Have you ever heard a Democrat express how to make Iraq a success story? Don't hold your breath - they never will. At one blog I posted a comment that maybe Democrats cutting off funds for Iraq or taking some action to cause our failure in Iraq would empower terrorists so much that I doubt Democrats would be in power for 50 years. Hmmm - maybe a short term loss would be a long term gain?

    English - A bill introduced in the House calls for an amendment to the Constitution to make English our official language. Don't expect Democrats to be excited about this one. Having a formal common language would instill pride - something Democrats reject. Democrats thrive on confusion and disarray. Just watch and see if I'm right - and I am. Heck, think of all that money it would save various governments in printing costs alone! Democrats don't have the interests of America as a priority.

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